As you know, involvement in WARM's mission benefits low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live.
It can also benefit your employees and your business!
Volunteer Together
Build morale and teamwork skills
WARM's professional, well-organized staff members make it easy for your employees to volunteer. Just pick a point of contact and a day (or series of days) and we will make all the preparations.
Raise Money
Enhance business skills such as communication and project management
WARM can support your employees as they plan their own fundraiser... Ping pong tournament? Walk-a-thon? Costume party? Almost any activity your employees and friends enjoy can be used to raise funds for this important cause.
Sponsor or Donate
Show the community you care 
Is writing a check a better fit? Your donation can be used in one of the following ways and includes publicity for your generosity!
  • Meet the most urgent need - Your donation of any amount will provide unrestricted funds to address critical situations that may not be covered by one of our grants.
  • Adopt-a-homeowner - With a donation of $1,000 or more, you can designate funds for a specific rebuild from our waiting list. Volunteering on the rebuild is an option.  
  • Sponsor an event - Our board hosts two annual events, Raise the Roof Gala & Auction in June and Harvest Luncheon in October. Both events attract 250+ attendees. Sponsorship levels begin at $250.
WARM is a great investment!
Donations are multiplied by volunteers who contribute over 20,000 hours every year, providing over $340,000 of labor.
Local support helps WARM attract over $500,000 and 500-700 volunteers from outside our region every year.
WARM's leaders scrutinize every dollar spent, resulting in a very lean operation with an appropriate amount invested in raising more resources. 
Let's talk about your investment strategy!
Contact WARM's Executive Director at 910.399.7563 or

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