WARM, Inc. has 4 basic requirements for applicants:

  1. Applicant must own and occupy the home in need of repairs.
  2. Home must be located in New Hanover County, Pender County or Brunswick County. Hurricane Matthew victims in Bladen County may also apply.
  3. Total household income must fall at or below 50% of their county’s median income. (Once income verification is submitted, WARM staff will compare against HUD data)
  4. Repairs requested must address threats to safety or health AND/OR be a direct result of Hurricane Matthew in 2016.
Please note that meeting these basic requirements does not guarantee the request will be granted. Our personnel will determine if the rebuild falls within the scope of WARM, Inc.’s mission and capabilities.
Due to limited resources, we cannot help everyone who is eligible.

Our application process is described below. 

In order for us to process your request, it is essential that you fully complete the application and submit copies of required proof of ownership and proof of income. See details on page 1 of application.

Please submit the entire package together. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documentation is submitted in the beginning of the process. All information remains confidential and will only be shared with other social agencies which may provide assistance to you. We encourage you apply in person in one of the following locations so that we can meet you and make copies if needed. Mailed applications must be sent to WARM Headquarters.

WARM Headquarters
5058 Wrightsville Avenue
Wilmington NC 28403
Brunswick County Dept. of Health & Human Services
25 Courthouse Drive, Building A
Bolivia NC
Pender County Planning and Community Development
805 S. Walker St.
Burgaw NC
Centerville Baptist Church - for Disaster Recovery only
18577 NC-53
Kelly NC
Windsor United Methodist Church - for Disaster Recovery only
12863 NC-242 N
Elizabethtown NC

Within a few weeks of submitting your application, you will receive a letter from us indicating whether or not your situation is eligible for consideration in the WARM program.

If your situation is eligible, you will move into the second phase of the process, the assessment. WARM personnel will visit your home to determine whether or not your rebuild is within our mission and scope. Please understand that because our waiting list is already very long, it may take several months for us to schedule your assessment.

After the assessment, WARM will determine if your rebuild is accepted. If accepted, your rebuild will be added to our waiting list. It may be several more months before we are able to raise enough funds and recruit skilled volunteers to complete your rebuild.

Even if you are eligible, we encourage you to continue looking for other sources of assistance. To access the United Way’s directory of human service agencies, call 211 or log onto

If your rebuild is approved and WARM personnel are able to raise enough funds for the work, our staff will contact you several weeks before the work is to begin. We will coordinate volunteers, select paid contractors (when necessary), and handle required permits.
You will not be charged a fee by WARM and all staff and volunteers will treat you with dignity and respect. Please understand that due to volunteer scheduling, funding restrictions, and unforeseen circumstances, WARM reserves the right to halt the rebuild at any time for any reason.
Homeowner responsibilities during the construction phase include:
  1. If you have relatives or friends who are able to help with the repair work, please invite them to be a part of the work team. If they are in your home during the work times, our personnel may ask them to help.
  2. Provide a secure location for building materials to be stored before and during construction.
  3. Respond to phone calls and letters as soon as possible. In many cases, we will be waiting to hear back from you to schedule volunteers and order materials. A delay in your response may result in the rebuild being delayed or cancelled.
  4. To the extent that you are physically able, make sure the work areas are clean and clutter has been removed.
  5. Please address WARM staff and volunteers respectfully. They will always treat you with respect and kindness. Notify the executive director immediately if you feel you are not being treated with dignity.
  6. Provide clean restroom facility, unless the restroom is part of repair work.
  7.  Plan to be at home or have a representative at your home during all scheduled work times. If volunteers are working outside, please go outside to greet them to the extent that you are physically able.
  8. After work is completed, we would like you to write a thank-you card or letter to the funding agency of the rebuild (usually a foundation, church, or other organization) and/or the volunteers who performed the work. They will be thrilled to hear about how their donation has impacted you. WARM has thank-you cards available if needed.
  9. Please understand that WARM is able to offer home repairs at no cost to you only because our dedicated volunteers donate their time and talents; this means that we are at the mercy of their schedules. Although we plan as best we can to prevent it, volunteers may have to stop the work and recommence at a later time. We will give you as much notice as possible so that you can plan accordingly.
  10. Enjoy yourself! WARM volunteers are dedicated, fun, and caring. Get to know the ones who come to your home. We pray that the matches we make will result in new friendships and special memories.

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